Hey guys, you amazing, amazing GTers,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice on dealing w/ my FIL's RUDE RUDE behavior a few days ago. I still have NOT answered his calls and shall not probably until we get back from vacation next Wednesday. It was the last straw after him messing our plans up for months now and I was NOT going to allow him to control this trip because I planned it, not asking him where we should stay, which made him VERY upset. He has relative who have backpacker beach hotels and literally told my SO on the phone after he told him where we were going, "OH. You need to call Rob NOW. Okay? Like NOW if you even want to get a hotel out there."

Then he generally kept calling my SO and trying to say my plans were dumb because it was ME who made them without even knowing the details because I'm a woman.

So, we are going to stick with our plans and I'm going to stick with keeping all of your advice. And THANK YOU!!!!


Onto preparing to swim with some badass whale sharks! Well, hopefully. The dive master said they're all over so I hope one and I become friends, swim around, shoot the shit, vent about problems like these - I go off about my FIL, he vents about shortage of krill - whatevs.