So yesterday I posted about how I'm finally getting help for my anxiety and yay Insurance will cover me seeing a psychiatrist. You know what would be awesome is if I could actually find one. I go on my easy-to use insurance website. I live in a heavily poplulated area, fully suburban but still heavily populated part of Jersey. Oh good 7 doctors listed for my area.

-1 has a non-working number

-1 was a fax number

-1 was listed twice and I called his actual office but it was closed so I'll try again

-1 is listed under the wrong specialty

-1 was through Catholic Charities and the local Diocese and I couldn't figure out who the hell I was calling and the receptionist was super unhelpful. I'm not getting involved with any office if phone call 1 I can't get the information I need

Finally I called the Geekboy's who is kind of inconvenient from where we live now, but it won't be bad if I go on the way home from work. Closed until Tuesday.


Opinion time: Would you use the same psychiatrist as your siginificant other? Again not worrying about Hipaa or anything. Just in general. On the one hand maybe if needed we could do a couples session for a regular session.