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Update on fired, braggy former work friend

I wrote this about a girl I was friends with that I used to work with asking for advice on how to deal with her (tl;dr work friend was fired and got a new job and then constantly bragged about how new company is better than old company which I still work at). So I got some great advice and I decided to just kind of change my attitude about her. So anyways, it's totally unnecessary now... She unfriended me on facebook!

I don't know why that pisses me off so much, but it really does. I mean, we had one fight about me not wanting to listen to her constant bragging and as a result her thought process is "MTG doesn't want to hear about why I'm so much better then her? She's clearly not my friend... unfriend!" I mean seriously? ARGH!


But seriously, it pisses me off when people unfriend out of anger. Like, if you haven't spoken to someone in years and you're not friends, fine, unfriend. But if you have a fight and unfriend someone out of anger I feel like you're just a petty person. So, thanks for the advice, but I guess I didn't need it. She clearly wasn't a friend in the first place!

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