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Update on Hurricane Odile [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3 —According to weather.com in addition to the hurricane, Baja has also seen SEVEN earthquakes in the last 14 hours. I feel like a raw nerve.

1:43 p.m. MDT: Mexico's national seismological service (SSN) just reported another earthquake in the northern Gulf of California, between Baja California and the mainland, at 1:27 p.m. MDT. The preliminary magnitude is 5.2. This is the sixth earthquake of magnitude 4 or greater in that area in the past 14 hours. We are getting word that seventh earthquake, magnitude 4.6, has struck the same area at 1:40 p.m. MDT.


UPDATE 2 — The airport is closed, all flights are cancelled. This is someone's tweet of the airport.

Yesterday it became clear that my husband was going to be riding out Hurricane Damnit Odile in Cabo. As a very lucky person, he was the guest at a hotel, so they told him to bunker down in his room and not leave. (Apparently they also told him that they'd bring food and water, which understandably didn't happen, but I wish they hadn't said they would.)

I spent the night watching ongoing updates at an increasing panic level on weather.com.


This is a photo of the hotel he was staying in as of this morning:


He was able to call me just after 6am on a friend's international phone to he let me know that he's safe, but there is currently no way out of the hotel because the lower floors are severely flooded. He's on the third floor up and he said there's around 2" of standing water.

I'm concerned the floors will start to collapse, but I'm sure that's crazy... right?! Please tell me I'm crazy. ( By the way, the text below that photo says they don't have light or water at the hotel.)


This was a huge disaster and I'm really surprised it's not getting more media coverage. At one point Cabo received one-third its annual rainfall in ONE HOUR. Shelters were provided for the people who live there, but some of those shelters—according to Twitter—collapsed or were severely compromised in the storm.

According to the internet the airports (about an hour outside the main part of Cabo) is operational and flying people out if they can make it there. I am hoping my husband makes it there today.


UPDATE more photos from Twitter:


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