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Hey folks. Long time no talk but it's been because WORKING!

Both nannying and another job involving the internet.

And here's the thing. The company I'm working for is looking for writers and they're paying. I've sent these posts to my family's facebook page but I'm not sure how many of them are interested. I've hesitated posting it on GT because of the GOBS of spam about "make money from home!" But NOT posting it here is ridiculous as well since there's no group of passionate involved writers I know MORE than you guys who have helped ME out when I needed it (#cancercat RIP).


SO, here it is.


If you have questions about the job, qualifications, etc. find me on Twitter @KBarrick and we can DM. I swear this is totally real and I know the money could help out a lot of us. (I e-mailed my boss after my first paycheck thanking him and thanking him... it had been FOREVER since I had a real paycheck that I was kinda overwhelmed)

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