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Update on Kitten Situation

Now that I finally have a chance to sit down on an actual computer and not be on GT via phone.

I took kitten to the vet. First off, kitten is a boy! He is around 6 months old, not fixed and not microchipped. I got him a rabies vaccine and had him dewormed (just in case). The vet also is going to run blood work which I have to call back tomorrow for the results. Hopefully, he doesn't have FIV or anything, but I won't know until tomorrow. He also had some flea residue stuff, but not actual fleas, so I gave him a dose of Frontline when we got home.

Until I get the blood work back, I have to keep him and Siren separate, of course. If it comes back clean, I can try and intermingle them. Kitten also may have the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection, which the vet said doesn't look serious at all but do NOT put him back outside under any circumstances. He said kitten looks healthy overall so he should fight off the infection no problem, if he even has one.


The vet also said to accept my fate and that I have a new cat, lol.

Currently, kitten is chillin in the bathtub with a bowl of food, bowl of water, some blankets and an aluminum tray with litter. He, uh, thinks the tray is a bed and is happily sleeping in it.

Everyone at the vet's office was also amazed at how sweet and well-behaved he was for a feral cat.

I actually did manage to find some people who will potentially take him! I have a guy who will be in NY on Sunday, so if no one claims him by then, then this guy will take him home. But there are a few others who look promising, too. Not gonna lie, the idea of giving him away makes me really sad. I kind of fell in love :(


Siren is currently sulking in the other room, because she's jealous. She also smells really bad for some reason so she needs a bath at some point.

I'm finally eating for the first time today, and I still have this fucking flu or whatever. I will probably reschedule my counseling appointment, which is supposed to be tomorrow, because I feel so shitty.


So, today is done. Kitten is quiet and sleeping in the bathtub, and I'm eating a sandwich, and Siren is being a smelly brat.

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