Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Last week or thereabouts, I mentioned in a rambly post that I was procrastinating making contact with a new shrink. My old shrink just didn't seem to listen to me. A few of you let me know in the comics that, basically, I needed to just get off my duff and do it. So I did: I got in touch with a clinic near me and made an appointment. I think I've found the right place: they offer a range of programs, including basic outpatient, and both psycho- and psychi-. The latter is more my priority right now, because I need to get my meds straightened out, but I hope I can get some counseling at some point. Of course, between regular doctor visits for the kids plus my oldest's psych and psych appointments (crazy runs in families; we're trying to get a handle on this early), and my general brokedness, I don't want to commit to more than I can handle.

Today was the initial appointment, and it went great. I met with an intake specialist and for once I felt like someone actually listened while I answered a slate of cold, clinical questions. We talked about how my ADD, Anxiety, and Depression (specifically, she identified it as dysthimic depression) get together and beat me up and how I hated Lexapro because it made it almost impossible for me to cum. No, it didn't affect my libido at all: it just made it so I couldn't finish, and since my wife and I were TTC at the time, that didn't work so well. It was also good to open up that my depression is severe not because I have breakdowns that debilitate me for days, but that it's a near-constant state of malaise and gloominess.


Anyway, it was a good session. I hope I can actually communicate with the next doctor there; I'm going in in late May for that.

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