A kind comment from Rainbow Bright Eyes, and kcunning's post about financial state of parents yesterday prompted me to write this update about my mom's situation. Previous installments are here, here, and here.

Quick synopsis so you don't have to wade through all that. My mom (who has a history of making rash decisions for important things) currently lives in SD. She moved there less than a year ago after being overseas for several years for my stepdad's job. Suddenly, she messaged me about hiding some money away for her, and sent me links to several houses near me in TX ("not for anytime soon, just dreaming of the future"). Over the course of a few days, this evolved into her moving down here ASAP, which then became her wanting to buy my house (SehjMan and I will be selling this summer so I can be closer to work/school).

When I last updated, she was totally sure they REALLY wanted our house and everything about it was just PERFECT. Based on the advice of many lovely GTers I decided we would still have to use a realtor, and was not totally sure about the whole thing. I sent her a message asking her to hold her horses and we could discuss in person when she came to visit in April.

THE NEXT EVENING (I kid you not) my stepdad posted a cryptic message on Facebook that made it seem like they were looking at RVs. I showed it to SehjMan, and he thought it meant they had already bought an RV. I called my mom, and sure enough, they had already bought an RV. Which means in 24 hours, they decided they didn't want to sell their house, decided an RV might be a good option, looked at RVs, and signed the deal.


My mom previously lived in an RV for 9 months (right before moving overseas) and I recall her hating it, although she now claims it was great and she loved it. The are going to spend 6 months a year living in it in TX.

I'm totally flabbergasted. I want to yell at her, but obviously, her finances are not my place. They are on a fixed income. A few months ago, she was on a strict budget. No internet, no cable, every single item at the grocery store budgeted out. No splurges.


When the realtor looked at their house, she told them they would lose a lot of money selling it (not surprising when you make a bunch of expensive, weird custom decisions). They decided it would be better to buy an RV. With money they don't have. And it wasn't cheap.


Fortunately (I guess) things have been crazy at work, and I've been dealing with unrelated family stuff, so my mind has been totally off of it, and I've not been letting it stress me out. My mom is coming to visit in about a week and staying for almost 3 weeks, so it will probably be very hard for me to not grab her and shake some sense into her.