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Welcome To The Bitchery

I've talked to my mom several time this week, regarding the situation I posted about on Tuesday. I've updated that post with the whole story, but long story short, she and stepdad are moving from SD to TX ASAP.


Yesterday, I spoke with her after they started the preapproval process to get a home loan.

Relevant Background:I took out student loans to pay for college. I have federally subsidized Stafford loans, and also private loans (I used to have Perkin's loans as well, but I've paid those off). Basically, I took out 2 loans per year (one Stafford, one private), so I technically have a total of 8 loans (as seen on my statements and credit reports) but I only make 2 loan payments per month since all the Stafford are lumped together and the private are lumped together. My mom was the cosigner on some of the private loans. I graduated in 2007 and have been making payments ever since.


In 2008, my mom called me panicking and said I had to get her name off the loans by consolidating because they were just coming off a bankruptcy and trying to buy a new house and were afraid they'd get turned down for a loan. Because the economy was so bad, I couldn't get it done (I looked online, and couldn't find any big banks advertising it and called my bank and they said they weren't doing it at the time. I asked if they knew of any banks that were, and they basically said "LOL")

Back to present time:

SehjMOM:Why is my name on 3 of your student loans? I had no idea!

Me: Wait, what? Of course you knew! You cosigned for them.

SehjMOM: No, I had no idea my name was on them.

Me: Mom, think about it, I was 17 when I took the first one out, of course I needed a cosigner, and you agreed.


SehjMOM: No, the only one I remember was one I took out for you with only my name on it and not yours.

Me: That definitely didn't happen. Are you thinking of Aunt M? She did that for cousin R.


SehjMOM: No, I did that for you.

Me: Wait, you agree that I've made all my student loan payments, not you, right?

SehjMOM: Of course!

Me: So this loan that only your name is on sends me bills and not you?

SehjMOM: I guess not. I still didn't know my name was on 3 of your loans though. How many do you have?


Me: (Explains the whole 8 loans but only 2 lenders/payments thing)

SehjMOM: I had no idea my name was on those.

Me: YES YOU DID! Remember in 2008 when you wanted me to get your name off? But I couldn't?


SehjMOM: No

Me: Well, I definitely didn't sign your name to anything without you knowing.

SehjMOM: Oh, I know you'd never do that. I just didn't have any idea my name was on them


Me: OK, whatever.

(Also, importantly, she has fibromyalgia along with other health issues and is on a lot of medication, so I'm not too concerned about the memory issues being a sign of anything worse)

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