It's a long weekend here, and poor Mr. Ivriniel has spent the entire long weekend stewing ever since he was accused of making death threats on Friday afternoon, after which was contacted by a member of the local constabulary.

After writing email after email and not sending it this weekend, he finally settled on telling them that given the fact that they called the police after they told him they had decided not to call the police, (and we know who contacted the police, because the officer named them) his trust in management has been shattered and he is seeking legal counsel before having any further communication with them on the matter.

On Tuesday he is supposed to have a conference call with the three people who were in the meeting on Friday. Given that they sprung this on him the Friday afternoon before a long weekend, speaking to counsel prior to Tuesday is pretty much impossible, so he won't be taking part in that meeting.

He says he thinks that he has probably just fired himself with this email. I am a bit more optimistic, but even if he is right, his days at that job were seriously numbered anyways.