So Mr. I got a couriered letter today, telling him that management wants to meet with him on Friday to discuss the allegations against him. They say they will give him details and allow him to respond at this time.

They expect him to come to meeting with 3 members of management, alone.

Meanwhile, we are trying to secure the services of an employment lawyer. What I want to see happen is that he retains a lawyer tomorrow, who contacts them and informs them that the lawyer is representing him, and that this is not enough notice to set up a meeting and that they can schedule something for next week.

I'm not a lawyer, but I think the lawyer should ask them to submit the allegations in writing, and tell them that Mr. I will respond in writing. No need for the meeting at all.

Because I have a feeling no matter what Mr. I does at the meeting, it will be wrong. If he's too emotional, they'll take it as a sign that he is unstable. If he's too calm, they'll take it as a sign that he is detached and unstable.

Oh, and how is this for icing on the cake? About a week before the accusations where made against Mr. I, a coworker of his, who has the same first name, was sent home for a week. Mr. I says that this guy is scary. He sits in his cubicle coding, and if anyone talks to him, his growls at them that he is busy. He has a sign on his cubicle telling people to go away. I'm wondering if whomever made the complaint against Mr. I confused the two of them? Only time will tell.