So it’s been a while since I posted anything about Mr. Ivriniel on the business front or the health front, so I thought I would make a quick update.

On the business front things have started to turn around. He signed two clients last week. One was formerly a client of his old employer, who went belly up a few months ago. The second client was referred by a friend. The second client is a crazy situation. It is a small engineering firm whose IT used to be handled by a midsized company that was bought out by a larger company. Larger company doesn’t want anything to do with small engineering firm. Small engineering firm knows nothing about their IT setup, and the guy who handled the IT for them via the midsize company is disinterested at best and hostile at worst. Mr. I has been advised not to try to contact him. The good news is there is so much work that Mr. I has been able to bring a friend in to handle some of it. It’s nice for him to have a colleague.

He also joined our local Chamber of Commerce recently and had a few nibbles from a meet and greet he went to. Also an Engineering firm who seemed interested in getting his services a couple of years back, have suddenly contacted him out of the blue, still needing the same work done. So more work may be coming.

On the health front, Mr. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist and an abdominal MRI done, which found some scarring on his liver. The Doctor says the scarring is not yet at the stage where it is irreversible, but that he has to stop drinking to keep it from degrading further. Bloodwork also indicated that there may be an autoimmune factor at play (And Mr. I’s Mom has lupus) so last week they did a liver biopsy.

Mr. I has been drinking a lot less, but when he does drink he binges. He’s on the wait list for a program with our local addiction treatment centre.


Also on the health front, our GP has diagnosed him as prediabetic, and put him on meds to help control that. He also has an appointment with a diabetes education nurse coming up to discuss diet and whatnot.

Mr I had been keeping the Annoying Inlaws out of the loop when it came to his liver, because he didn’t want to deal with them. That changed this weekend as he sent out a mass email to family as an update. ABiL responded by calling up and wanting to know if Mr. I had a hardcopy of all his test results that ABiL could look over.


The last time ABiL had a look at something regarding Mr. I’s health was when ABiL was a student nurse, and asked to see what heart meds Mr. I was on. After that, he wanted to come along on Mr. I’s next visit to the Doctor to “give a second opinion” on what meds he was on.

Mr. I just told him that our GP gets copies of everything, and the GP does a really good job of following up after specialist appointments (GP’s office will call and ask him to come in) to and explains everything to him, so he doesn’t need hard copies.