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Update on Mr. Ivriniel's job search (edited)

So earlier this month, Mr. Ivriniel received an unsolicited email from a certain Federal Government agency that shall remain nameless, indicating that they are looking for database professionals. Somehow he ended up on a list somewhere. We're not sure how, because the email address it was sent to was a gmail account that he only started using since losing his old job.

He replied to it, and they responded to him with a request for more information via an online form. That was about a week and a half ago.

Yesterday he got another email from someone at the agency, wanting to set up a telephone interview for late next week. He replied to it, and received a confirmation email in less than an hour. So this is looking promising.


Oh, and earlier this week he got contacted by a former coworker, looking to have him work on a project. Apparently they are having a problem with one of their clients that nobody at his old company knows how to fix. Mr. I doesn't have a formal agreement with them as far as payment for consulting work goes, but he's done some initial ground work, including contacting the client's IT manager.

Apparently they had a problem, and she emailed Mr. I's old email address at the company, and got no response. They don't even seem to have anyone monitoring his old email account, much less set up an autoforward or an auto reply. When Mr. I didn't reply, she phoned the idiot VP. When he told her that Mr. I was no longer with the company, she just hung up on the idiot VP.

This particular client shares a major investor with Mr. I's old company, or at least they did. Apparently they have found a new sponsor to buy out the major investor, and they are going to be dropping Mr. I's company as their IT support as soon as they can find a company to take its place, now that Mr. I is no longer there to service them.

Oh, and apparently two more senior employees have been let go. They are from a different division than the one Mr. I worked with, and he says he doesn't know how that division will function without those two.

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