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Update on my Dad.

First, I really want to thank everybody again for the support yesterday! You're all so lovely.

So my Dad's angiogram went okay. They want him to come back in 6 months and have another one because while there isn't growth over his stint, the area of the brain where the aneurysm occurred seems to be slowly widening. They are thinking in 6 months they might just go back in and fix the stint which is risky for him, because there's a chance he might have another stroke. But it will be risky if he doesn't fix the stint because he could bleed on his brain again.

I talked to him on the phone for a long time last night, and he thinks he wants to just get the stint fixed because at least if he has a stroke during the procedure he's already in the damn hospital and they can help him ASAP. If he has another aneurysm at home, he might not make it through a 4th. I completely agree with him and I'm happy he's thought it through. My mom is being crazy about the whole thing which really stresses my Dad and I out (we are pretty much the same person).


He also asked his neurologist if he can go to Cedar Point this spring and the doctor said he would probably never ride another roller coast again. Which cuts my Dad deep. Before he got sick we went every year on my birthday.

I'm happy that there's nothing wrong with him at this moment in time, I'm just scared about the future.

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