Space [good news but if you’re like me this topic can be a real night-ruiner]

Just got an update [previous post tl;dr: 33 year old friend woke up dizzy, two days later had to have a huge tumor removed from his brain] That my friend came out of surgery doing well and they got the WHOLE tumor out! Very exciting. We still don’t know what kind of road is ahead for him; he is going to need some rehab to get full use of his right (dominant) arm again and he’s going to have trouble speaking for a few days.

I got the text from his GF about 3 minutes ago and am alone in my house, working on presents and crying. I just ordered some delivery soup from a Chinese restaurant to get myself under control.

It is up in the air, but we are hoping that hand makes a full recovery; he is a talented artist and at my company is our graphic designer (he draws on a tablet). Very glad we didn’t pursue my original idea to get him a gift certificate for some art supplies as a gift.

ETA: Ordered too much Chinese food.