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Update on my leg

If you missed it yesterday I broke my leg. Hit and run on my vespa. It's been brutal.


Physical therapist came by earlier to help me sit up and stand briefly, which put me in even more pain crying. Last night I could tell that another patient in the room nearest me has dementia or something because the nurses were trying to calm her down and she sounded confused about where she was. And I was told after my pt meltdown that I was upsetting her =\ idk what go do with that info. My grandfather has Alzheimer's so I know this shit is hard but I'm not in a place where I can control my pain screaming sorrynotalone. My iv was all wonky and started beeping every time I bent my arm. I got my period. Which meant I had to try and put on hospital underwear over my leg when every small movement hurts. They took the catheter out and I still can't pee let alone anything else. I can barely eat since the meds make it a bit nauseating. My aunt couldn't make it out here today so I've been alone and stressed and tired and in pain. My mom is going to fly out here Monday. Which is bitter sweet since this will be the first time she's visited me here. I came out of surgery at like midnight last night after waiting in the ER since 11 AM or so. They didn't use gas as anesthetic instead my legs were numbed. I was asked how much pain meds I needed after surgery and since I was mostly numb I didn't ask for enough (seriously why did they think I would know how much I needed?!) So I woke up in immense pain. I called for the nurse but she didn't show up fast enough. Its been on and off with pain all day. They used this compressed air thing to increase circulation in my legs and I was assured it would help the pain but it made my knee feel like it was going to pop off and run away so I spent some more time crying and trying to convince the nurse to take them off. I know blood clots are a serious issue but the pain was just too much even after more meds.


Its been so hard and its not even the end of the day. And then there's so many other things that need to be taken care of. My vespa is at the police station along with my car key. And if I don't move my car Monday morning I will get a street cleaning ticket. I need to call my insurance. I need to sort out any police paperwork since I was out of it yesterday and idk what info they have and if its right. I have no idea what this hospital visit will cost (I have insurance though) there's just so many things that are stressing me out on top of being in pain and I don't know what to do.

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