If anyone missed my previous post, here it is for reference.

Anyway, having identified that I most often drink out of a lack of stimulation or in times of stress, I thought back to when I was a little kid and what I did then to relax. And even when I was very small, reading was ALWAYS my escape. I was the weirdo who read on the playground at recess. I had a flashlight hidden so I could read late at night without my parents finding out. Since I started law school, I think I’ve finished... five non-law related books? That’s probably not true, it’s likely more, but that’s what it feels like. I used to be a book a week girl, and those books were over 500 pages.


So, I have returned to my first love: reading. AND OH MY GOD I MISSED IT SO MUCH. HOW DID I EVER LET THIS GET AWAY FROM ME.

If anyone is interested, I’m currently reading Mistborn, which is a fantasy trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I love it, and while it’s not exactly Tolstoy, it’s stimulating enough to make me think “OH MY GOD IF I HAD A GLASS OF WINE WHILE READING THIS I’D GET CONFUSED.”