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Welcome To The Bitchery

Update: Well, my happiness has officially fizzled. I ran out for a bit to pick up a few things at the store and came home to a mess. Our backyard is a little gravel lot that comfortably fits six cars, eight at a stretch. There were 11 cars in our lot and nowhere for me to park when I got home. My roommate was getting on her bike to leave when I pulled in, and I told her someone was going to need to move a car because I live here and need a spot. She found someone to move theirs and rode off. I walk into my house to find three total strangers sitting on my living room couch, and a keg in my kitchen that wasn't there an hour ago. When she informed me about this tournament a few weeks ago, she told me that people would be crashing here but that was it. Apparently things have changed and they're going to be partying here tonight at some point. I will obviously be calling the cops if they wake me up. SHE IS THE WORST AND I HATE HER SO MUCH! /end rant


So my roommate is still terrible and her 10 gross guy friends that are crashing here this weekend clogged our toilet and caused a leak so bad the landlord and a plumber had to come over this afternoon. But I don't even care because I FOUND A NEW PLACE. It's this beautiful 100 year old house that's been totally updated, and my new roommate is just delightful. She's a grad student in a program that's a sister program of the one I just finished. The house has a fenced in backyard that my dog is going to love, it has two bathrooms (one is only a half bath) so I can pee whenever I want, and it's totally beautiful and cozy and wonderful. And it's only $100 more than I'm paying now. I'm waiting to hear back from my potential new landlord about starting the application process, so I can give my landlord my 30 days notice and get the hell out of Dodge.

Here's my question, though: how do I tell my roommate? I'm definitely waiting until her friends leave tomorrow, but I'm not sure how to address it. "I'm moving in 30 days, good luck finding a new roommate. Peace Out."?? I'd like to do it as civilly as possible, so she's not like spitting in my food or using my toothbrush to clean the toilet or anything. Anyone have any suggestions of how to tell a horrible roommate that you hate you're moving out as calmly and as pleasantly as possible?

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