Haven't found the owner yet, but thank goodness for social media!

I sent posts to the FB pages of every vet in the area, the local news "lost pets" pages, the Humane Society, etc. and this morning my lovely FB feed is filled with his picture! But the best response so far has been from, of all people, my tattoo artist.

I met him because he was a client at the vet I worked at and despite his tough exterior, is a HUGE animal lover and everyone at his shop is involved in rescue. So I sent him a note with a picture, which he posted this morning and it's already been shared 100+ times! Yay!

I think it was from one of his posts that I just got a call from a city K9 police officer who offered to kennel the dog at his house, and he's very very interested in adopting him as a companion to his current dog. At the very least, he's going to save me from paying all those boarding fees.

Question for the peanut gallery: should I call the police department to make sure this guy is who he says he is? Though when I talked to him earlier, he was in his patrol car because I could hear the radio and he had to stop once to listen to a dispatch call, so it sounded like he was a legit cop. I've got plans to meet him this weekend to give him the dog if the owner doesn't turn up, but should I call the department and ask if he's really a K9 cop?

EDIT: Again, whoa the power of social media: I talked to a girl who is active with GSD rescue whose boyfriend is a police officer who is going to check up on my cop guy who called me to make sure he's legit and a nice guy worthy of that awesome dog!