Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Update from today: When I got to the office this morning, JA had left a Starbucks card on my desk. When I saw her, I asked, “Thank you, but what is the occasion?”

JA: “I just wanted to apologize about Friday.”

Me: “But - there is nothing to apologize for!”

JA: “Well, I just wanted to apologize and start fresh Monday.”

Me: “[Sighs]. Okay, well that wasn’t necessary at all, but thank you.”

This is not a good demonstration of not taking feedback personally. We aren’t fighting! You don’t have to apologize or get me a present to try to make up. Just for the love of dog, take my advice to stop seeing everything as personal!!




Original stuff here (spoiler alert: I am incapable of being brief):


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