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Update on New Years (AKA BOY DON'T FUCK IT UP)

So I finally saw the boy I was talking about around this time last month and he kind of surprised me. I was ready to go back to the Old Ways (just friends, see him only when necessary, etc) but he pulled some surprisingly sweet and tender shit and now I don't know what to think. As a recap:

We had a fling in the summer that left me pretty heartbroken when it was over. We'd been trying the friends thing (with varying success) since. On New Years we hooked up again and I got confused and asked you guys what to do. I'd resolved, after careful review, to let it go and not be friends with him anymore if he was going to be an ass about it.


Last night's party was the first time I'd seen him since New Years. I got him alone to talk about shit because despite my resolution I felt like I needed to. Before I could work my way into saying anything pertinent he gently took both my hands, looked deeply into my eyes, and apologized. I was expecting to have to chase his emotionally withholding ass down for an explanation, but instead he just straight up said he was sorry for the way he treated me, that he had been an ass, and that was not the way he'd wanted it to go. I said yes, he had been an ass. I asked him why he kept coming back he said "I don't know what it is about you". We kissed and then he left (work in the morning), saying he'd call me next weekend. I told him I'd be royally pissed if he didn't, and he promised.

So I guess we'll see how Saturday goes. Something tells me things won't be the same this time around (if I agree to keep seeing him that is, because I haven't decided yet), and I don't know if it'll be for the better or worse. Basically part of me wants to be all fuck that guy, he ditched for 6 months and thinks he can pick back up whenever?!? and another part of me can admit that he is pretty special to me (not to mention the part of me that's like uh this is a dream right). I guess they both agree on one thing, and that's "BOY, DON'T FUCK IT UP".

ETA: He done fucked up. Major sad. What's his fucking problem?

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