So I got this today -Lonestar Memories. It is a revelation. It is so amazing. It reminds me of the first time smelled a really exciting perfume when I'd been just wearing tresor and dept sore fragrances. It is so weird and so sublime. I love it. It is weird like Bulgari Black weird. Try it if you ever get a chance. Super sexy. I love perfumes and sniff a lot of perfumes. I'm not easily impressed. This one is blowing me away.

I was excited about the CB I Hate Perfumes Burning Leaves, but it let me down. It smells nice, but it smells exactly like your pots and pans that you use to cook an a campfire. That's it. No leaves, no earthy smell, no development. It smells exactly the same the entire time you wear it. It smells almost just like liquid smoke. Boring.