So in a previous post, I told you all about this creepy old dude who won't leave me and all the young women who work in the mall alone.

About a week ago, I finally put enough pressure on security to get him perma-banned by collecting written statements from women who had been harassed by this sick sonovabitch. When he showed up to creep, he was met with 2 security guards and 2 police officers and was escorted off the property in a cruiser and was told that coming back would be considered criminal trespassing.

Well, that wasn't enough to keep him away. Yesterday I was told by one of the security guards that plaid hat had been seen in the mall, and that I should be on my guard and call immediately if he found me. My store was teeming with police officers and the mall security. When my shift was over, they still hadn't found him, so I was escorted by a police officer to my car. As far as I know, he wasn't found.

So, this is fun.

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