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Update on student who spoke out against Pam Stenzel talk in Charleston. WV.

Wouldn't knowing a student was doing this, make the Wellesley people more impressed with her, though?


From the story:

A senior at George Washington High School in Charleston has filed an injunction against her principal, the superintendent of Kanawha County Schools and the Kanawha County School Board after a controversial assembly at the school.


Some students at GWHS, including Student Body Vice President Katelyn Campbell, have publicly spoken out about about their concerns regarding remarks made during an assembly centered around abstinence. During an assembly on April 8, Pam Stenzel spoke to students about sex before marriage.

Campbell says Stenzel used "scare tactics" in her speech.

According to the injunction filed in Kanawha County Court, Campbell claims after she publicly criticized what was said during the assembly, GWHS Principal George Aulenbacher threatened to call Wellesley College to report her activities. Campbell has been accepted to Wellesley College as a student this fall.

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