Thank you all for your kind words last week about my dog Tank.

After visiting the internal medicine and cardiology specialists, we found out that he is indeed in kidney failure, although his heart is strong. His heart being strong allowed us to put him on IV fluid therapy last week. He spent three days at the hospital on the fluid therapy and things have improved somewhat, although kidney failure is not curable. We're facing a long road ahead with him having to take multiple pills twice a day, me having to inject him with subcutaneous fluids everyday and with something that stimulates red blood cell production once a week. He's also now on a really strict diet of kidney-friendly food that he doesn't really like and he can't have any treats (they don't even really make kidney friendly treats).

I am so overwhelmed by this new reality. The amount of medicine I am going to have to give him on a daily basis is terrifying and he really hates it. Hopefully things will get better and he will get used to it. Anyways, the last week's treatment and the ongoing home care will hopefully give me precious extra time with him. The median survival time for dogs in his stage of the disease is about a year.

I really appreciated the support last week! Please keep him in your positive thoughts.