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Update on that ridiculous makeup artist

She responded to the criticism on her Instagram and was pretty rude about it. And it makes no sense.

(Yes I know I’m nitpicking on this still, but this woman is a total hack and it upsets me that she’s making money off of it when I know real people who can’t quit their day jobs doing actual good work.)

nosujiPlease don’t ever do a dark person’s makeup. What you did to Daysha’s face was atrocious and it pisses me off that so many makeup artists claim to be makeup artists but can’t match skin color darker than beige. Learn your craft and quit clowning around.

beautybyanalisaCongrats on your success and putting haters in their place! I only say this as constructive criticism but I highly suggest practicing on models with deeper skin tones.

crystalemme@nosuji Agree. Daysha looked gray and shiny.


belladelune@nosuji Im sorry you’re upset but I was working with what I had. I agree the tone should have been warmer. Its the first time that’s happened. If I was using MY stuff it would have been a different story. And I AM a Makeup Artist it was ONE mistake which Im admitting to, so lady please calm down.


Why in the world would Buzzfeed invite a makeup artist to do their work and not allow them to use their own supplies? They’ve had other makeup artists on to do weird things. For instance, this video on historical looks. The Indian woman’s skin tone is fairly close to Daysha’s in the contouring video, and yet she *surprise* doesn’t look like an extra out of Thriller.

In this video it’s still not a perfect match, but it’s still a hell of a lot closer than the contouring video.

Oh and she’s selling tickets to contour seminars taught by her for a minimum of $90+, $170 if you want a gift bag. I need to start duping the young and impressionable.

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