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Update on the Neighbor Situation

(ETA: K-9 is a-ok!) So, I told you about how my neighbors suck and their dog keeps attacking mine. Well, yesterday and last night were “fun.”

Now, the good news is that there hasn’t been another dog attack since I last posted. But that’s because WE are very careful to avoid going outside if their door is open, not because they’ve done anything to fix the situation. In fact, yesterday they had their asshole dog chained up in the yard unsupervised.


The semi-good news is that I sent my landlords an angry e-mail this week to complain again about the feces situation.

I’m wondering what your definition of ASAP is, as I’ve contacted you about the feces and garbage multiple times already over the last several months. There’s now broken glass in the yard as well as partially empty beer cans. When we moved here it was with the understanding that the children would be able to use the shared yard space. We are now the longest term tenants in the building and have been responsible and respectful.

I’ve talked with the city and they say that per pet bylaws there should never be more than 1-2 days worth of feces. There’s now piles of feces in the yard that have been there since before winter. If a bylaw complaint is made, the occupier OR owner of the property can be fined between $25-$1500. They suggested making a bylaw complaint. I don’t want to have to do that as the main problem is obviously whoever isn’t cleaning up after their dog. However, I first notified you of the feces problem in November and nothing has changed.

I don’t like to rock the boat but under provincial law “The owner shall ensure that all rooms and other areas used in common by the occupants of the individual dwellings are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.” The yard is an area used in common and the yard is disgusting and a health hazard. I think waiting for something to be done for over four months is beyond patient. It’s now also been 10 days since you said it’ll be taken care of ASAP and the yard is still completely unusable.

There’s been plenty of time for “looking for a solution to the feces/garbage situation” and I would like a more detailed answer than “will rectify it asap,” please.


And this squeaky wheel got some grease. One of the property managers/landlords/whatever they’re called gave me a call yesterday to let me know they’re having someone out this weekend to clean up the yard, and that they’ve ordered surveillance cameras so they can get proof of WHO is responsible (as right now it’s only my word they have to go on). Unfortunately, it could be a month before the cameras arrive and are all set up.

Now the bad news. Last night the assholes downstairs had another of their Friday night parties/gatherings. I had to bang on the floor (their ceiling) multiple times because they apparently have decided that blasting the music is suddenly ok again. But it was quiet enough at bedtime that I had no trouble getting to sleep. Staying asleep is another matter. At around 2:30 am my partner woke me up (I’ve been sick so he was sleeping on the couch so I wouldn’t cough in his face all night and I could have the bed to myself for tossing and turning). He told me that there was a violent pounding on the downstair unit’s door and a man’s voice shouting “I WANT MY MONEY! WHERE’S MY MONEY?!” Then there was loud thumping and dogs barking. It quieted down for a few minutes and then there was another round of shouting (including something about money being stolen from someone’s purse).


We made a police report. And this morning discovered a knife in the yard in front of their door. So he called the police again to let them know about the knife (last night he had told them he wasn’t aware of any weapons being involved). They said they’d send someone out to collect it. And it’s gone now. So either the neighbors picked it up or it’s in police custody.

I also e-mailed the landlords to tell them about it, along with sending a picture of the knife (and an old mattress that got dumped in the yard yesterday). According to the tenancy act in our province, they should have MORE than enough grounds to evict these people. This isn’t the first time the police have had to come out to this unit. And my partner and I have decided that if these people haven’t been evicted within the next few months, we might need to move.


I don’t want to move.

Before these people moved in this was a good place to live. Like, yeah, the building is old and run down but it’s a great location (literally a block and a half from my daughter’s school and two blocks from my son’s preschool plus walking distance to a grocery store, bakery, convenience stores, pharmacy, and multiple parks). And before I got sick I did a lot to improve the interior of our unit. There are some unfinished projects, like painting, that have been put on the backburner because of the stupid chronic illness crap. So unless my partner can do them himself, I’m worried I won’t get my full damage deposit back.


I also don’t have the strength or money to deal with a move right now. Nor is it exactly easy to find not only pet-friendly rentals, but 100+ pound dog-friendly rentals.

I do NOT want to move.

But I don’t feel like this building is safe or healthy as long as these assholes are here.

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