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Update on the visiting scholar

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I talked with my mentor today (who originally suggested I rent my extra room to the visiting scholar) and they said they would support me in whatever I chose to do. I emailed the visiting scholar and told her I had found someone to rent the room for the semester.(technically correct - I found a lot of people, I just don’t think I will rent it out period).


She wrote me an angry email that we “had a deal” (we did not, I asked for first month’s rent to hold it and told her a lot of people were interested - she just kept telling me to lower the rent). She accused me of lying about finding someone to rent the room. She said that she was sorry for “the past” and that “obviously [I] won’t forgive” (my god, it’s like an intimate relationship already). Then a few minutes later she wrote, “I will no place to stay, o god.”

I will not respond again - I emailed the people working to bring her here and apologized but said my interactions with her have made me uncomfortable.

I feel like this is the start of a lifetime movie or something. If I disappear the week after next, you will know why!

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