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Update on the whole drow/blackface situation

Well, turns out my suspicions were correct (the bright lipstick, hoodie ect), and she dressed up specifically to resemble blackface with her boyfriend (who was I kid you not the far less subtle "Mr Popo Nazi School-girl" complete with swastika, I know this because he was wearing a name tag saying so and my friend mentioned it).

I know she's trying to be ironic, that she thinks it's just hilarious to dress up as purposely controversial characters in a expo. Pictures from this morning label her as a "ghetto drow". I don't have close ties to this person, I'm just really upset that my friend is posting these pictures. I don't want to break ties with her, but I really want to say something. On the other hand I feel a bit uncomfortable as not a black person. I was really annoyed when my voice was drowned out of the whole yellow-face Colbert discussion, and I really wouldn't want to do that to someone else (especially considering that the whole Drow thing is contested on both sides with a lot of people mentioning that a blackface comparison was problematic itself and diminishes racially-charged blackface).

Any suggestions? Am I still over-reacting (serious question)?


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