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Update on yesterday's party

Yesterday was Mr. Ivriniel’s grandfather’s 90th birthday party. I was worried about going, because my FiL had asked to car pool with us, and I was worried it was going to turn into lecture time. Happily, this did not happen.

All in all, the party turned out well. The weather was gorgeous. Lots of people came. We got to see one of Mr. I’s cousins that we hadn’t seen since the wedding. Things were big enough that we really didn’t have to interact with anyone we didn’t want to. I spent a fair amount of time entertaining Niece, which was fun. Once we arrived, I became her go-to person for things like turning on the bathroom light, and getting more glasses of punch, to the point that she said to a relative serving herself some punch “Excuse me, Relative’s name, Ivriniel is getting me some punch now!”

The one facepalm moment was when I overheard ABiL talking to a cousin. She asked him how work was going, and he said “Great, I love working there. Except right now, hospitals are moving towards an RPN model of care where RPNs do a lot more things that used to be exclusively done by RNs. This is making some people feel insecure, so they have been bad mouthing me.”


Fascinating that in his mind somehow a hospital wide change leads to him specifically being badmouthed though no fault of his own.

If ABiL is to be believed, the last 3 jobs he lost were because of people badmouthing him. A little while back he also commented to Mr. I that he has been at his current job a year now (a record for him over the entire time I have known him) so it’s time to start looking for a new job, before he “gets fired for something stupid.”

Time to start the countdown clock, I think.

ETA: The only time things go the slightest bit heated was when Mr I brought up Justin Trudeau’s explanation of quantum computing at the Perimeter institute to his Dad. Mr I said he was impressed, FiL said it was staged and that the Prime Minister is a moron. I pointed out that he studied Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique and, was working on a Master’s of Environmental Geography, when he dropped out to enter political life. FiL countered that the PM says “um” a lot and this means he is stupid.


Apparently my FiL doesn’t know that the research indicates the direct opposite.

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