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This is an update to my post last week here:

So I went with the ‘non-direct’ advice that seemed to be the consensus, and I’m happy to say it went well and I’m no longer concerned! We had a nice chat and she’s very open so I got a pretty good overview of how she’s doing. Without specific details, her mental health is much better than its been in the past, she still has therapy plans going forward and she’s pleased with how she’s doing overall. She does have a bunch of personal stuff going on, but she’s no worse than expected considering those things, tbh she’s doing admirably in my opinion.


So I’ve told my friend A that I see no reason to be concerned and hopefully he’ll tell our untactful mutual to not cause a fuss. Of course she has stuff going on so we need to be there for her to listen like you usually would but I think that should be on a drip-basis, she needs her space too.

Thank you so much to everybody who commented, I knew I was uncomfortable ‘confronting’ her and you all helped me by letting me know that my natural inclination was worth listening to. You guys are the best <3

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