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Update: SMU Rape Cheer

A few days ago I wrote a post about Saint Mary's University, whose orientation committee has been singing a rape cheer every year (as did Katie Baker on Jezebel). Someone recorded it, and posted it to Instagram.

Below is a link to an updated story in relation to the Saint Mary's University Rape Cheer that the orientation leaders sang during Frosh Week.




1) President of the Student union resigns, but will be running in the re-election...He is also stepping down as chair of Students Nova Scotia. I can't believe he is running in the re-election, the sad thing is considering SMU... I wouldn't be surprised if he was re-elected.

2) Vice President of Student Life of the Student Union resigns.

3) Wayne MacKay, the former head of Nova Scotia’s Cyberbullying Task Force has been hired to lead a council created to tackle sexual violence prevention on campus.


4) Two student organizers are also facing disciplinary action due to the cheer after an official complaint was filed. The complain alleges violations of the Student Code of Conduct for the use of abusive or offensive language or gestures at university-sponsored functions. If the students are found to have violated the code of conduct they could be required to pay a fine, be suspended or expelled from school.

I am glad action is being taken... I am just so disappointed and pissed off that it happened in the first place.


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