Some of you might remember my post on Monday regarding the mother and the remaining sibling of my boyfriend's new kitten.

Just wanted to send an update that I met the cats yesterday when we picked up boyfriend's kitten. Seriously you guys β€” these are such sweet cats, especially the 10 month old mother. For being strays that lived in a shelter for two months, these are some of the most friendly and inviting cats I've come across. (Not like my cat, who ran away from me and hid under the couch for a week when I adopted her.) The mom let me snuggle up to her, rub her belly and was chirping happily. The boy kitten is totally OMG rambunctious.


I felt so bad I couldn't take the mom cat, so I'm really determined to find her a good home. (Kitten are easy to adopt out.) A nice cat like this deserves to be loved.

Sorry for the crap pictures; the foster lady's house was dark and the iOS7 camera is really horrible for focusing.


This is the last time I'll post this, so please spread the word if you can. The cats are in North Hollywood, have all their shots and will be fixed this week.