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In the time since I put up this thread I knocked out two shows, ran home, changed, caught the bus and managed to make it on time for doors (about three and a half hours).

I'm super glad I went you guys. The concert was so much fun. I ended up making temporary friends with with two girls who were here on internships. One of them was from Canada and the other from Paris. It turned out that the Canadian girl had seen my show when I was performing in Canada last year. I'm totally famous y'all.


If you don't know her already, you really should check out Coeur de Pirate, she's amazing. Tonight, she was deathly sick. You could tell she was having a rough time of it, but she was sooo adorable about it. She has a really great stage manner and put on a great show despite not feeling well at all.

Anyway, she ended with this song:

She jokingly said it would be fucking magical, if we all sang along, so we did and it was.

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