I ordered my normal size and one size up, even though reviews for this dress said it runs large. The larger size won’t fit around my chest and there is absolutely, positively, NO stretch to the fabric. I have to move on to an emergency backup plan and I need help. These are my choices:

I have a black, cotton, sort of skater-cut dress with a v-neck. It was like $15 at old navy or something like that, it’s cheap. If no one looks closely, do you think I could make it work if I wore patent heels, gold jewelry, did my makeup nicer, etc.?

Other option: I just texted the friend I am going with. According to the bride (I don’t know her) the wedding is “as laid back and casual as possible” for it being at a Catholic cathedral and then an open bar reception at a 5 star hotel. Wedding starts at 2 in the afternoon and it is August. Could I wear one of my many sundresses and just up the ante with accessories, etc.? I have some gold wedges and tons of different options for gold jewelry that I could wear with a sundress I have, that has a pale yellow and turquoise print (it’s sort of a retro pattern, lemons on vines). I may even be more comfortable this way, because I could wear a white open cardigan with it (my arms are covered in tattoos, I don’t know how conservative these people are but for a Catholic service I would MUCH rather err on the side of being too-buttoned-up) plus it’s still hot as fuck here.

I also have a form fitting colorblock gray, navy, and black sheath dress that I usually wear in a business-y setting that may be an option...I just don’t own a ton of silver jewelry and I don’t know how to make it read as something other than career gal.

I have tried everything I can to get this dress to fit. I have put on shapewear, I’ve tried different bras, I’ve tried no bra, it’s not working. If anyone else has a suggestion for making the original dress work, I am all ears.


Help me, GT, you’re my only hope.