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Update: Things are Sufficiently Awkward at Work

For those who commented on my post last week, my sweetie got the job and our negotiation skills paid off—although I don't know if I can handle that kind of stress again. They waited until after 6pm to let us know they were upping his offer. Negotiating is NERVE WRACKING y'all!

Context: We both work at the same small firm and I anticipated his that his departure would rock the boat. Boy, did it ever! Boss #1 is super happy for us, but boss #2 and his wife/my coworker are very hurt that he didn't accept their counteroffer. They see it as a vote of no confidence and they're acting like he's walking off the job with not so much as a backward glance, when in reality he gave notice and is willing and available to help out for as long as he needs to. But boss #2 is refusing his help at every turn while basically acting like a martyr over the whole thing. Super mature, no?


Things feel very tense, and I'm trying not to be paranoid about being lumped in with all the anger and hurt feelings they're dealing with. But we had a company meeting last night to "discuss the future" and I wasn't mentioned once. Well, actually I was mentioned twice, but they were both complaints. Super.

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