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Update to Husband going to Outpatient

So first of all internet love to everyone who commented yesterday on my post.

-Husband got approved for the leave of absence and the disability. Since so much of his current stress that triggered this whole thing is because of the trash weasels he has to put up with; I’m kind of hoping when the office collapses in the next couple weeks maybe then they’ll actually appreciate him.

-We met with the first member of his care team, (husband wanted me there), she meshed very well with him, and I really liked her philosophy on pills and her honesty. She’s pro-medicine but anti-turning you into a zombie. She wants the pills to work for your lifestyle not adapt your lifestyle into your pills if you can.


-Shocking to almost no one the psychiatrist he had been seeing yearly who was bordering on retirement and only working part-time for the last 6+ years might have gotten his diagnosis wrong.  He’s okay and frankly no one is that surprised when it was all laid out in contrast to his behavior.

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