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Update to my "Hivemind assemble!" post of last Thursday

So. My friend Farid died on Sunday about noon. Thanks to his dear friend and surrogate-mother figure K. and the efforts of GTer's, we were able to locate his sister, and through her, some family in Toronto that he had lost touch with. And because his sister was next of kin, she was able to authorize the heavy duty drugs for pain management, and other end-of-life arrangements. Let me just say that I would not put an animal through what we put humans through at the end. That's all I will say about that.

He could be very disorganized, and he had not only lost his phone with his Toronto aunty's number on it, his new phone was malfunctioning so it wasn't linking the numbers with people's names.


By Friday night, when I went to the hospital, his aunty, of whom he was very fond, was there, with her daughter, his cousin, and his sister's cousin that he wasn't actually related to at all, but she actually stayed by his side for a day and a half, and stayed overnight on Friday with him. And my colleague A. who was a closer friend than I was, was there much of the time too.

He had moments of lucidity, and I think he was able to recognize that his family was there before he slipped into a coma. One of the things I was concerned about, was that he would be in the hospital all alone at the end, while he was still aware. That didn't happen.

He was sick for a long time, and now that is over.

He could be cantankerous, cranky and obnoxious, but he was also warm, kind-hearted and generous to a fault. He would lend people $20 when all he had was $40. If he couldn't do anything else, he would re-align your chakras, and I swear, I would feel tingling when he'd run his hands about an inch from my body. He was forever recommending herbal remedies, coming up with ideas for inventions, and pestering me for recommendations for graphic novels.


R.I.P. Farid.

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