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UPDATED with books & Lego Technic Sets!! Weekday Crowd: Cajun Ginger's Foster Son... Amazon Wishlist

You guise are killing it and I’m pretty sure you are the best people I’ve ever known (I already knew that). I love you all. Not just the people who have bought things, you all. The support everyone has shown Cajun is beautiful. The wishlist is there and I’d love for it to go down to almost nothing, but even if it doesn’t drop at all- y’all make me the happiest I’ve been in so long. -RBE

FYI: If you want me to add something to the wishlist so it goes to the right place, let me know and I’ll add it as soon as I see it!


As you may have read, our resident superhero momma’s foster son is now in her care! She’s a freaking badass, which we all know, but I think with this newest step in her family’s life, those of us that can, should jump right in and help!

Cajun in not just one of the biggest hearted GTers when she’s here, sharing posts, weighing in on heartache and always being one of the first people to offer Congratulations, she’s a Mom and Foster Mom in real life. Her newest son? The younger brother of her adopted daughter!

When this foster situation became a possibility last week, on short notice, we were all elated and I asked her to please, please tell her what we could do to help. AND... last night was her foster son’s new night at their house and they do need one thing: TOYS!

I think there are a ton of us that (1) Love Cajun (2) Love Kiddos (3) LOVE TOYS... or any three of those! I think the easiest thing for me to do will be to set up an Amazon list wish that sends the toys to Cajun Ginger’s house. She has a son that is about 3 years older than her foster son, so we don’t need to flood their house with the entire toy section (both unfair to her other kiddos and probably too much in a busy house), but let’s get the toys there!


I added things that can be bought through Prime...so free ship that shit! And GT, so many times it has been me: if you can’t afford to join in, don’t, please. GT love is all around, we love you more than anything, but no one spend money they need for bills or food. We need you here more than your money.


Canjun Ginger is the badass here... I’m a monkey setting up a wish list :-P

LINK FOR AMAZON WISH LIST: https://amzn.com/w/2U2N1JW64Q3L…

NOTE: I put some Amazon gift cards on there so that the Ginger Family can purchase anything that might come up! I’ve also added a few gift cards for local restaurants so that the Ginger Family can go grab some food when no one feels like cooking! Pleazuh do not buy an email gift card without telling me first because it’s my email on there right now! I don’t want your money!

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