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UPDATE: Weight loss on SSRIs/mood stabilizers

CW: weight loss and calories with numbers, etc.

Hey everyone! I wanted to post an update to this post from about seven? weeks ago.


So, after I made that post, I FINALLY started losing the weight. Like, seriously losing the weight. Like, I have now lost about eight pounds since that post, and it keeps coming off. I’ve gone down two-three dress sizes now since the beginning of this journey seven months ago and I am so happy!

I guess it just takes time for the metabolism to kick into gear and go, OH THAT IS WHAT WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING??


My psychiatrist is amazed that I’m losing weight at all, given my rapid weight GAIN. But, I guess anything is possible? I have no idea if I’ll make it to my goal weight, but I’m going to try.

Some days are better than others on the calorie front: I’m supposed to be eating pretty much 1300 a day. Some days I get as high as 1800; some days I’m as low as 1000. I used to swing wildly between like, 600-several thousand, so I feel okay with this much smaller range. My dietitian is pretty happy too. We’ve measured me using the fancy machine-thing and the vast majority of what I’m losing are pounds of fat. Tracking, tracking, tracking through MyFitnessPal (and overestimating when in doubt!) has been crucial.



I would say that for me, a registered dietitian consult was the best thing I’ve done. I don’t know if the follow-ups would be strictly necessary for everyone, but they come at a big discount with my gym membership, so I’m using them. Getting a little more active and more cardio has helped some, I think, but honestly, my weight was not budging at ALL with some of it for months, whereas now it’s dropping significantly. That would be my advice to someone who is having trouble—get a one-time dietitian consultation (your insurance, if you have it, may cover it too). You likely won’t need the follow-ups if you’re a little more disciplined than I am...


I would also say that calorie counting isn’t for everyone! But it’s working really well for me personally. And that’s what a dietitian is good for—to help you figure out a good method/diet for you.

So, my *current* success is not meant to be gospel or what will work for everyone, in other words. And who knows: I could stall out tomorrow...

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