Some of you have been asking for an update on Salinger's "State of the Tail", and I will provide it after my obligatory (and extremely heartfelt) blubbering thank you.

Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! everyone for all of your incredibly kind words, great suggestions, and information sharing when I posted about Salinger's condition. He only said, "Meow?" but I'm pretty sure that means, "Your hoomans in the weird light box are sofa king cool."

Salinger was mostly quiet through the rest of Wednesday, but starting getting restless again very early Thursday morning. By 6am, he was in full blown attack mode, but I was able to calm him down by 7am. He remained quiet for a bit longer, but by 10:30, his attacks were so powerful and out of control, that I could no longer restrain him from hurting himself. He nearly tore the tip of his tail clean off, and I got a pretty bad bite in the process of trying to stop him, necessitating *I* go to the doctor to make sure I wouldn't need antibiotics to guard against staph.

I brought him in to the vet for 24 hour observation with his new medication, Tramadol, and the understanding that, unless there was marked improvement, we would go ahead with the tail amputation.

Just got off the phone with the nurse and vet, and no change. In fact, they had already put the surgery on the board for today, because their observations led them to conclude that the surgery was "necessary and emergent." I'm heading down to the vet now to see him before they "wheel him in," so to speak.


Thanks again everyone, for all the compassion you've shown us. I am bawling like an idiot, but hopefully very soon, we'll have good ol' derpy-pants Salinger back.