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Here’s an update to this post:

Last night, I was at the bar having a beer, working kind of late, messaging a coworker, and eating food. Eventually, the siren song of GT pulled me away and by 6:15, I was signing off work and heading over to GT for GroupDrink, and Jezebel for some summer camp stories.


15 minutes later, TouchyFeely comes up and says hi. He says he’s waiting on some friends, and do I mind if he joins me. Sure. We talk for about 30 minutes. We are seated across from each other at a 4-top high table.

Coworker I’d been messaging with (and have an on-and-off crush on) walks in with his friend. They were going to go climbing, but the Rec Center was closed. So they also joined us and Friend met TouchyFeely.

The four of us chat for about 45 minutes, then TF leaves and it’s just me, Co-Worker, and Friend.

Since we’re drinking, and have already talked about things like dating, prostitution, and the decline of coworker’s marriage, I figure I can get this out. I say to Co-Worker: “So, since drinks are on the table can this be off the record?” He agrees it can be. “I’m not crazy about TF. He’s too touchy.”


Turns out, it’s not just me. He also touched Co-Worker in a way that was weird, and during the time at the bar, had touched Friend, who was weirded out by it. CoWorker thinks he’s just a friendly guy who doesn’t have a firm understanding of boundaries. Friend thinks TF is a sociopath, then starts listing the reasons why, from body language to speech to weird facial idiosyncrasies.

Friend was like “Good luck guys.” :/

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