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UPDATED: A Poem, Because I Can't Handle This in Prose

Things are going well, for once in a while;

but tonight is the night when they'll go on trial.

I'm nervous as shite ,and I don't want to think;

so I've painted my nails a cute shade of pink.

I'm ready to be honest and declare how I feel;

but the truth is we know this is a very. big. deal.

And I might find myself alone with my tears;

or I might give in and ignore all my fears.

But I wish oh I wish for the answer to be

that this time the happy one gets to be me.


Well, that turned out just quite all right,

but still I have this little fright

that one day soon the news will come

that I'm no better than bubblegum

that's been spit out on public streets

and gets picked up by someone's feets

that stink and smell and walk so far

that I don't know just where we are,

and I'll be lost and I'll be stuck

and I'll just stew in my bad luck.

But I also know that bubblegum

is sweet and fun and pink and yum;

so I can't just sit and wait for news

that everything is turning blues.

Because right now it's all ok:

I'm the happy one today.


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