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Welcome To The Bitchery

And they aren’t going away! I have done SOOO much to try to curb their presence, you guys:

  • clean obsessively, including inside of oven because I read they like to eat grease
  • spray Raid Bug Barrier strategically as per package instruction
  • combat roach bait stations, both small and large size
  • Advion cockroach gel bait—I have seen evidence that they were eating this in some areas, such as behind my light switch plates, but not in others
  • Homemade roach poison: boric acid, flour, karo syrup (I haven’t dragged the fridge back to see if they’re eating this, but I will be PISSED if they aren’t because after I made it, I read that I should never use that mixing bowl for food again bc it’s contaminated.)

It has been days since I last smeared poison about and I have seen FOUR ROACHES this evening since coming home from work!

My building management is having exterminators come in and spray every apartment on my floor tomorrow, so I cleaned out every cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom in preparation for this, like the notice says to. I hope my neighbors all clear out their cabinets too because I don’t think the exterminators will spray otherwise!


Also, I have read that if the roaches are too smart to eat sugary poison, I could try again by mixing boric acid powder with crisco or bacon grease. This sounds so nasty to me, but will it work?

If this visit from the exterminator tomorrow doesn’t clear matters up, what other things can I do besides what I have already done? I will add that I have read “caulk up every crack” as advice before and Idk how comfortable I am throwing caulk around a rental place. What if the landlord is anti-caulk in the baseboard cracks? Will this be a problem when I move out?


Help me you guys. I am going to bed now bc I am absolutely exhausted but pleeeease help me! And thank you in advance! Hugs and love to you all!

Edit: I will respond to all questions about why I am mixing the boric acid with stuff here. So there is this thing on Instructables (I’m on mobile so no link sorry!) and I think Lifehacker, and a bunch of other places that recommends making a yummy bait for roaches with boric acid to kill them. I am just doing what I read about!


I have not put just the powder about for a few reasons. For one, I read that it’s not great to breathe it in. Two, I thought I might have more success inducing the roaches to eat the stuff than just having them walk across it, bc I feel like they are wiley and would find a way around it. Finally, my roommate is bringing in a cat in two weeks. Gooey poison bait placed in corners that she can’t reach seems safer than powder across my front doorstep, that she would get on her fur and then lick off. But I could put some of the powder in a line across the back bottom edge of the cabinet below my sink perhaps?

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