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I posted this Monday about finding out that my daughter's schedule changed without anyone telling her.

First, they didn't take her schedule to her Monday. They handed it to some random kid that was in the office to take it to her. She said he wasn't an office aide and when he handed it to her he said, "Here's your fucking schedule." (I feel the term hoodlum might be appropriate, but then that also makes me want to go out on the porch and yell at people to get off my lawn.)


Her College Magnet Program Coordinator texted me Monday night and I texted back that it was 2 classes that switched and the Spanish class was way behind where her other class was. Today she texted and said she had called Mini Moxie's classes twice trying to get her to come to the office, but she hadn't shown up. I texted my daughter and 20 minutes later Mini texted me back. She was never told to go to her office. I told her to go after she ate lunch. I don't know if the coordinator was calling the wrong classrooms or if the teachers were just ignoring her request. Either way, that's kind of weird.

The Coordinator told her that the counselors should have finished leveling classes 3 weeks ago and switched her classes back. Mini reported that there was a lot of eye rolling on her part and she was very irritated that the other counselors were messing with one of her students. I suspect the high school experience is very similar whether you are a student, teacher, or administrator.

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