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Updated re my unpopular opinion on DNA ancestory

I read the comments and many are great Oldwomanwhoyellsatclods, Lemons comment and others are good. They all had really good points. All actually brought up good points.

So I can see why it may be good. I just instinctually feel gets into stereotyping. My late grandmother was great for “oh X is German so (they have this trait)“, “oh don’t date Y she’ll be cheap” all based on peoples last names. Its stereotypes of the worst kind. It took many years to totally wipe my mind of that.

No one is their ancestor. You are you. Just because your ancestors were Irish does not mean you are a heavy drinker. Something I and my mother heard for decades, in fact this one stereotype influenced my mother dating as a young woman. If you are Italian does not mean you will commit adultery. If you cheat its on you not your ancestors.


Of course growing up I heard if you are French especially Canadian well nothing wrong with you. Guess what my grandmother’s ancestory was.

You are you shaped by events in your life, shaped by educarion, environment, family and friends. You are not shaped by your last name nor where your ancestors came from. Nor should you judge others on their ancestory and for god’s sake not on their last name especially if you know zero about them.

This is probably why I do not like it. It does not mean others have great points. There are fantastic points.

My own life experience tells me “no”. I pretty much know where my ancestors were from but bluntly I do not care. They were them, I am me. But that’s me.


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