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Possibly interesting story of a move/relocation and in-between-homeness and meeting stepdaughter and her mom for first time.

I will start with the backstory since I am not sure where we left off: Six weeks ago, approximately, husband hands in his two weeks notice, after which he will have sufficient money to pay rent, and we have planned two weeks with my parents. The angry lady boss fired him on the spot "You can just leave now then."

So when we visited my parents they were typically close minded and oblivious to my feelings and needs and I lost it after having a car full of people telling me to put on a seatbelt that was under the seat and thus not existent. I swore that there was no ducking seatbelt and my mom took off for the evening, coming back to demand apologies about how that was so disrespectful.


I had a friend who was willing to come pick us up, and she did so, which was ridiculous and amazing, I had done a bunch of illustrations for her and so was delighted to go see her. And then we got a parking ticket and her car towed (we got it out of the yard although some money remains unpaid).

We got a notice at this point that our apartment was serving us with legal action if we didn't pay within three days. With some excellent people from GT and a good friends credit card, we paid rent and continued to eat food.

We stayed with some other friends for a few days so I could touch up their murals that I did for them a few years ago and have a nice visit before we finally got back home (thankful that we would have one to go back to instead of all our stuff in the dumpster).

We had a friend staying at our house on her way up to Canada and she offered to trade her MG midget for a truck and drive us up north (where everyone I know and my husbands daughter and her mom live in Washington)


I sent out little packages to those of you who ordered prints and am in the process of completing custom requests. I'm very grateful to have the work and feel the value of my creative talents going to use. Amazing that in this time I have had so many commissions that have made a big difference, especially in terms of, do I have value in the world or not.

So we helped to pay for gas with my last paycheck and booked it up here (I had two jobs part time which one was 4 hrs a week and another was 12 hrs a month) the truck is now listed on craigslist because she can't import it to Canada and we are now outside Seattle. She has to be in Canada in two days.


My husband has found some jobs he would be perfect for but hasn't applied because we don't know where we will be living after a week and the truck has to be sold so he wouldn't be able to get there anyways.

In the meanwhile we have been kayaking on the lake with his daughter, her mom and her friend. Last night we had a campfire. I can sit outside on her porch and meditate in the mornings. Haven't been able to shake the knot in my gut out (or do I just need to drink more of that get regular tea?) hahaha.


I'm lucky we are having such a lovely time where we are. Most ex's are not so amicable though it helps when all adults are occupied with kids and reading books and art (me). His kid is an absolute sweetheart, and I feel lucky to be her stepmom (without having to do the work of having a kid in the first place). We are behind in child support but we have bought groceries this week and when husband was wealthy he overpaid (like two grand a month) so she isn't angry, though she could use it too. Money comes and goes... Hopefully on its way back :) now,,,

So I hope we are not draining all our relationships to the bone. I hope we find a place we can rent with our measly income (1000$ a month for two? Omg) and then can become employed again. I hope someone buys the truck (our friend has promised we can receive our costs of gas back when it does). I am not sure how we have stretched our cash as far as we have, we have $150 left even now, and unemployment will make a small payment possibly Tuesday.


I'm tempted to say let's go to Canada, and tell husband to play poker for a month. We have a place to camp in Canada for a week or two.

Things are good, though uncertain. Everything always works out, doesn't it?

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