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...and I am freaking out less!

Thank you so much, everyone who replied to my post. I have Evernote, and I already have some information in there. I have my own Zotero page now. I have the citation system. I have a notebook, pencils, etc. I have the time and date of my first two hours set up with the materials waiting.

  • FlowerGirlPhysicist and candleflame3 suggested spreadsheets, and helped me not to freakout about the math shit in Excell.
  • flashesofquincey was the guru of citation in the case of archival materials. I would have just written "It's like, in the box. Duh." And also reminded me that I could take pictures (I now have a scanner app on my iPad).
  • story645 introduced me to the world of citation managers. NEVER WILL I GO UNMANAGED AGAIN!
  • And gotta give it up to springbreakandroses, jlfforever, Sechmeth and icantremembermylastname (except I kinda remember you!)-thank you for everything!

Flashes, if I get tired, you are more than welcome to take over!

(I hope I mentioned everyone-that grateful, had to give all the shout outs!)


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