Since everyone was so nice in response to my freak out post about sending an email so soon, I figured I'd share some stuff with you!

I recently took my cats to get their shots, and they did great! Well, kind of. We'll get to that later I guess.

Noodle gained weight, which is wonderful as he has colitis due to a food allergy and has been on a very restricted prescription diet. But he is up to 16.5 lbs now and still isn't fully grown, so we must be doing something right!


He got his rabies shot (since we were early, it's good for 3 years instead of just one so next year he only needs to get one shot) and FVCRP and did a great job! He didn't even notice getting the shots! I was so proud of my little horse.


My girl cat, Knives, was acting like the saddest little thing in the world, looking all pitiful and making scared kitten sounds (she's almost 3 and Noodle just turned a year old). But then the Dr did that tummy squishing thing to check for tumors or whatever and her ears went flat back and her eyes went black. She was not pleased. Then the Dr pinched her flank to give her the shot, and she flinched, but was fine. But then the Dr pinched her arm and she whipped her head around, so we gave her pets and the Dr pinched again, and then gave her the shot. When the needle went in, Knives hissed then growled like she was some sort of rottweiler. We brought her carrier up and she just ran right into it. Such a drama queen.

She made this angry face at me all day after that. Crazy girl. She has herpes though, so she needs her FVCRP. She did require about 11 face nuzzles and tummy kisses throughout the day though, so at least she doesn't hate me.


Ok, so then I made pot roast!

It turned out AMAZING, if you want the recipe, just ask in the comments!

And then I made a thing!


What you are looking at is a simmering pot of orange, cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. I put this on, bring it to a boil, then immediately let it simmer. I let it run for a while, and if the water gets low, I just add more (hot). I can usually get this to last for 2 days. It smells fantastic and my whole house gets infused. You can also do this in the crockpot (I use the mini crockpot upstairs and the big one downstairs).

This recipe was 2 chubby oranges, 3 cinnamon sticks, and about 20 whole cloves. The cinnamon sticks are reusable, so once you toss everything, you can just rinse the cinnamon and store it and use it again in another simmer pot (I'm not sure about the cloves, I just toss them).

There is another recipe I love: 3-4 lemons, 2-3 sprigs of rosemary, and a big splash of vanilla extract. That smells fantastic, but I wanted something a little bit more in tune with the holidays - thus the cinnamon and cloves.


This is great after you fry something or make stuff that is really pungent. It really helps to "clean" the air.

Well, I hope that was interesting! If you have any recipes please share them below! I want to make tasty food or smell delicious things!