Here are some updates:


I’m at my usual Mexican food place, seated at the bar, with my laptop. I’m the only person at the bar. Their pandora mix skews heavily ‘90s music. The waitresses here all love to sing along to the ‘90s music. It’s as adorable as it is mildly amusing.


My schizophrenic aunt has been hospitalized for the past few weeks, ever since my last update. She went in front of a judge to be released. The whole hearing went really well, she did great, until the very end when she told the judge she understood how important it was for her to continue taking her meds. She said she knew it was important because she’s a nurse who specializes in treating people with mental illness. Her request to return to her apartment was denied and she had to return to the hospital.

Regarding the rape investigation, she correctly identified the man in two different photo line-ups, which is really good. Her consistency in identification helps a lot. They have his number, the police officer has left messages, but the guy hasn’t returned his calls. Apparently, despite having his cell phone number, they can’t physically locate him and are hoping he’ll just, you know, return the police officer’s calls. The man has a criminal record, which is how they had his photo for the line-up.


In the meantime, aunt had to be severely sedated after she became aggressive at the hospital. When my cousin went to visit her, she was barely able to talk or stand up.

She was with it for a bit, but now seems to be taking a turn. It’s heartbreaking.

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is good. The state is celebrating 4/20 today, which I forgot about until I saw the news. Shows you what happens when you make something becomes a NBD.


It snowed over the weekend, but the snow has mostly melted, except in the high country. We needed the moisture, and still need more.

Here’s a lovely photo of my view two weeks ago (but might remove for doxxing, idk...).